Many clients have given me the same feedback; they love their photos and they are excited to see and cherish them. However, that is usually where it ends. The digital files are just that, digital - and the reoccurring theme is that life gets busy and they just sit on the computer and maybe make it to your phone as a wallpaper. Typically, people have the intent of getting the images printed and framed, but life gets in the way and often they never get around to ordering – or even don’t know where to begin with ordering them.

I have a solution to that! I have switched my business to what is referred to in the photography industry as a boutique model. I feel this model will better serve you and help get those images turned into quality wall art that you can enjoy every day. I have lowered my cost to shoot the photos to a flat rate that covers my time to shoot the images, travel, and edit the photos. I will no longer be selling digital image files unless I am shooting a commercial photo shoot – which are still available. For refence, the cost of me shooting what was my standard photo shoot package where you received 25 digitals images you could now get the images shot and order an 11x14 wall hanging for roughly the same cost. 

Based on a great amount of research and ordering from different photo labs I have sourced the best quality wall art products that I can find. I will now be offering custom framed prints, as well as metal, wood, and canvas wall hangings. If there are other photo products that you are looking for, I can also custom order additional items upon request. As far as getting the images for social media, your wallpaper on your phone, etc… I am still releasing web resolution files for every image purchased as a product. I think this is an excellent balance where you will still have your images to share on social media and still get your wall art! 

The photo shoots are now a three-step process.  

Step One: We have a pre-shoot consultation; this is where we discuss exactly what images you wish to get from the shoot and the mood that you would like them to be captured in. We go over your style preferences – light and airy or rustic and moody? We also discuss your wardrobe, location and set the date and time for the shoot.

Step Two: Photo shoot day! We meet and shoot the images; I will also bring product samples along so that you can see the wall art in person and get an idea of the finish and sizes that you prefer.

Step Three: Post shoot image reveal and ordering session. In this meeting I send you the gallery link and we go over each image together. This is where we will consult on the products that will best suit you and you place your order.

The goal of this process is to create stunning custom wall art that you can cherish for years to come.  

I am excited about taking this next step in my journey as a photographer and look forward to serving everyone!!