We all have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, some more than others, but everyone has felt the ripple of this pandemic. Here is how I plan to navigate this change in pace and what it means for your photo shoots.

I will be holding only outdoor photo sessions with increased distance between myself and my clients.

    I currently will only be providing outdoor photo shoots; I feel that this is the only safe route at the moment, and it may or may not change in the future. I will also be shooting with a safe minimum distance of 10 feet between my subjects (you or your animals) and myself. 

    Luckily, I already have high quality “long lenses” in my equipment arsenal.  The term long lens refers to a lens that is used to make distant objects appear magnified with magnification increasing as longer focal length lenses are used. In simple terms, these lenses zoom a great distance and help make the subject look closer to you. These are lenses that I typically shoot sporting events with, such as horse shows and dog trails, where I need to be far away from my subjects.

Photo shoots will now be contact free.

    I will not be bringing an assistant with me to the shoots and will no longer be touching surfaces in the area or the clients (both people and animals). I feel that this is mandatory in minimizing contact and the number of people in one area. In the past I would bring an assistant who would often hold leashes, position the dogs and people and the like. However, going forward I will be working solo. I have very often worked without an assistant and it will not compromise the quality of my work. What working without an assistant will do is slow the process of the photo shoot; therefore, I have removed the time maximums on my photo sessions and will be booking less shoots per day. Farm shoots will now be limited to only three sessions per day. 

I will be wearing a mask for the entirety of the photo shoot.

    I will come wearing a mask and armed with my hand sanitizer. I fully understand that the people being photographed will not be able to wear a mask during the shoot. However, I do ask that anyone who is present and not being photographed has a mask on.

All client contact, outside the day of the photo shoot, will be remote.

    Honestly, this was already the case for the most part. I typically book with clients over the phone or email. As always, I am available for a free ½ hour phone consult before you book a photo shoot. After the photo shoot images are edited and, once finished, posted to a private gallery on my website. I will email you the link to your gallery and a download PIN number that will allow you access to download the web resolution images of your photos. These galleries are also linked to an online store where you can purchase prints.