How-to tips for a stress-free photo shoot with your horse.

Tip 1: Assume that your horse will not cooperate – because most of them don’t and that is ok!

Horses have no idea that we are taking their picture, and none of them are taught to “sit” and “stay.” I have a background in horse training and many photography tricks up my sleeve, such as shooting multiple images at a high speed. I only need a split second to capture the perfect image, so relax and know that even thought your horse will most likely not stay in one spot, we will get incredible images!

Tip 2: Just keep smiling. 😊

Maintain eye contact with the camera and just keep smiling. Even if your horse is shaking their head or fussing, the difference between the great shot and a silly one is a matter of seconds. If you can just keep looking at the camera and smiling, I can capture that perfect split-second when you horse strikes a pose.

Tip 3: Bring a change of wardrobe.

Every standard photo shoot allows for a wardrobe change. Changing a top or your entire outfit will give you multiple “looks” within the same shoot – which is a lovely addition.

Tip 4: Dress in layers and textures.

Textured fabrics and layers add dimension and depth to your photos. Fabrics; such as tweed, lace, and outfits with embellishments or embroidery are a few of my favorites. With that said, stay away from tight, shiny fabrics, these can add odd shine marks to the photos and are typically very unflattering to the body.

Tip 5: Don’t be afraid of makeup (if you want to wear it).

Water-proof makeup is your friend when it comes to summer photo shoots. If you show during the summer months, you will most likely know what I am talking about! Makeup for photos typically can be a little “louder” than you day to day look, as the makeup tend to “get lost” in the photos.

Dressing in layers and textures can add depth to your photos.

Tip 6: Use FLY SPRAY!!

When a horse has bugs biting them there is no way to keep them happy. Bug spray and sunscreen for yourself is also recommended.

Tip 7: Clip and Clean

People often ask how to turn their horse out for the day of the shoot. I recommend that you turn them out however you prefer! Most clients choose to have the horse look the way they would at a show, if you don’t show a more natural is wonderful as well. Just remember that a clipped and clean horse will always translate better in photos. 

Tip 8: Oil or black your horse’s feet.

You wouldn’t think of this, but the horse’s feet do show in the photos. If you oil or black their feet it will add a polished look to the photos.

Tip 9: Bring a get-ready bucket.

Put together a bucket with fly spray, a towel, and brush for touch-ups during the shoot.

Tip: 10 HAVE FUN

The photo shoot should be fun. There is no pressure to be “perfect” I have the skills to get the images to look great, you just need to be relaxed and happy – your mood 100% translates into the photos. Also, a note to everyone – be kind to yourself. I am guilty of this myself, but many people criticize how they look. It sounds cliché, but everyone really is beautiful in their own way. My goal is to capture the bond and beautiful connection that you have with your horse, and the more at ease you can be in front of the camera, the more that beauty will shine though.  

Maintain eye contact and keep smiling!

A clean, clipped horse will result in better photos.

A bright pop of color in your wardrobe can add interest to the photos.