While I am certainly not a makeup artist, years of trying to look pretty while riding a horse in a wool suit on 90 degree days at horse shows has lead me to develop a few easy tricks that can help keep your makeup in place.  

Tip 1: Don’t Forget to Set

Setting your foundation is key to keeping your face looking fresh in the heat. If you only use one trick, I would say this is the most important. You can set your foundation as a last step of your makeup application. Setting powder come in loose and pressed forms, I have had the best luck with the loose powders, myself. Once all your makeup is applied take the setting powder and dust it all over your face. Be generous with the application, but do not forget to dust off the excess. A large powder brush meant for the face is typically the best for this application. Setting sprays can also be helpful, some are even marketed to be waterproof.  The setting spray is sprayed over the setting powder.

Tip 2: Keep it Dry

There are two things you can do during the shoot that will help you skin look matte and perfected. Bring your setting powder with you and try some blotting papers. Blotting papers soak up the extra oil and moisture on your skin without disturbing your makeup. You simply press the papers on the shiny spots of your face and blot, you’ll be amazed what they soak up. Then you can take your setting powder and dust a little on to keep everything looking fresh.

Tip 3: Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer

While the YouTube makeup artists swear by face primer, I personally don’t find it to be a make or break product, possibly because I do have dry to normal skin. Eyeshadow primer, however, is a life saver. The eyeshadow primer helps to keep the shadow in place and prevent creasing. You pat the primer onto the eyelids, let dry, then do your shadow as you normally would.

Tip 4: Waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara

If you want to avoid those raccoon eyes, these are a staple! As you sweat the moisture can drag regular eye products down under your eyes, not a great look. Using a waterproof version of these products will make a great difference. 

Tip 5: Bring a Personal Fan

This might sound silly, but those little personal fans can really help cool your face off. Don’t get one with the water mister, but the regular handheld fans are helpful. Your face can get noticeably red if it is hot, and this is one of the quickest ways to cool it down before your photos.

Tip 6: Don’t Spend a Bundle on Products You Will Only Use Once

If you regularly need waterproof makeup, then investing in some higher end products makes sense. However, if you will only use them once, drugstore brands might be the way to go. NYX, Pacifica, ELF, Milani, and Wet N’ Wild are all cruelty free brands that have affordable products available.   

Need some more guidance? YouTube has an abundance of makeup how to videos.

If you are looking for a video tutorial of how to apply waterproof makeup I have one linked here: https://youtu.be/dfO1X_0ZgXQ